Village hall has transformed Kent village

Community life in an east Kent village has been transformed following the opening of an impressive extension to Barham Village Hall.
Designed by Godden Allen Lawn, the new Barham Village Hall has provided a permanent home for a shop and post office that had been operating from a storage container in the car park, as well as more space and better facilities.

Doubling the size of the village hall on a very tight site involved some innovative design work since the only way to add all the extra facilities the Barham Village Hall Trust wanted was to build an extension on three of the four sides of the existing building.

Because that would reduce the amount of natural light reaching the original central hall area, we also removed the roof and replaced it with a new structure that incorporates roof lights along the ridge.

“We had to think creatively about how we were going to achieve what they wanted because we couldn’t simply add an extension to one end or side of the building as there wasn’t space,” explained director Nick Lawn. “The only way to do it was to wrap the extension around three sides and then replace the lost light by putting windows in the roof.”

The extra 320 square metres of space has given the village hall a shop, coffee shop, reception space, a new meeting/consultation room, a cloakroom, accessible toilets and a store and kitchen for each of its two halls.

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