Tiger, tiger…

Visitors to a new ‘tiger lodge’ planned for Port Lympne Zoo will be relying on Godden Allen Lawn to make sure the glazing is up to the job.

The tiger lodge will allow holidaymakers to live on the edge of the big cats’ enclosure, with one wall of the building acting as the part of the fence – and made entirely of glass.

“It will be a fantastic experience for visitors,” explained Godden Allen Lawn partner Nick Lawn. “They will be able to sit in their holiday home and enjoy a perfect view of tigers just a few yards away.”


Godden Allen Lawn has been asked to submit the planning and building regulations applications on behalf of the zoo – a process that is more complex than usual as the site is a Grade 2 listed historic park.

The firm is also working in other areas of the park and is putting forward plans to convert a former workshop into holiday lets with fantastic views across the Romney Marsh landscape.

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