Architectural Design

Architectural design is one of Godden Allen Lawn's core disciplines. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, imaginative and sensitive design solutions that take into account timescale, cost and practical constraints to deliver the best possible design for a given budget.

We know that some projects will need an emphasis on practicality and economy while other clients are looking for innovative design and high quality finishes.

Whatever the challenge, Godden Allen Lawn's combination of architects and building surveyors enables the practice to deliver appropriate, sympathetic, imaginative and creative design solutions that are also practical and cost effective; and regardless of the size of the budget our attention to detail is second to none.

As a practice we are familiar with all types of buildings, from traditional construction to timber, steel and concrete frames and modern methods of construction.

We are conscious of our natural environment and always try to ensure our designs use renewable resources. We always consider simple, economical, sustainable design measures such as insulation, orientation and alternative energy sources.

With in-house expertise in landscape design, too, we can also consider not just new buildings but their surroundings and settings.

Our Expertise

feasibilty to completion

Construction projects are demanding and time-consuming - and best left to the experts. At Godden Allen Lawn we have the skill set to take your project from start to finish, tackling all the architectural design work from initial concept and feasibility studies through planning and building regulation approvals and on to construction, completion and hand over. At the same time, we know that some clients only require us to develop a design to a certain point, perhaps to produce concept sketches and ideas or to develop a scheme as far as obtaining planning or building regulation approval. At Godden Allen Lawn our aim is to tailor our services to suit our client’s requirements. We are equally happy to work up concept designs produced by others to obtain approvals and create working drawings, as we have done for contractors on design and build projects.

planning and building regulation approvals

Most construction projects require planning and building regulation approval. Godden Allen Lawn can prepare and submit applications for clients and deal with the subsequent communications in order to achieve sign off.

procurement options

The Godden Allen Lawn team is familiar with developing designs and tender documentation for various procurement routes. This includes full specifications, preliminary drawings and scope of works documentation and drawings for traditional procurement as well as employers' requirements and drawings for design and build projects. We can also produce specifications and drawings in work packages for projects procured on the construction management route where programme is critical and an early start on site is required before full design information is available. Alternatively we are experienced in working with Quantity Surveyors to develop design information to Bills of Quantities or Quantified Schedules of Work

new build

Godden Allen Lawn has designed and overseen the construction of numerous new buildings and developments, both on greenfield and brownfield sites. Schemes have included bespoke houses for domestic clients as well as larger residential developments, shops and offices, industrial warehouses and agricultural buildings, school buildings and many others.

extensions, adaptation and refurbishment

Many of our design projects involve adapting, refurbishing and extending existing buildings of all types and ages, to the extent that we have developed an impressive reputation for this type of project. These projects are often more complex and challenging than new builds, and the design work requires a combination of creativity and imagination tempered by expert technical knowledge of building construction and defects. It can also need a thorough understanding of the complexities of working in an occupied building. The combination of skills and expertise of our architects and building surveyors is ideally suited to this type of project.

Interiors and exteriors

We regularly work with interior designers and can partner with them to offer clients a total design solution. We also have extensive experience in landscape design, which enables us to consider not just buildings but their surroundings and settings. Good landscape design contributes enormously to the aesthetic quality and visual impact of a scheme.

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