Raising the Roof at the Duke of York’s

Staff living and working at a historic Dover school will enjoy warmer and more energy-efficient homes this winter after renovation work being overseen by Godden Allen Lawn.

Our team is looking after repair work to two blocks of four staff houses at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.

As well as re-roofing, the project includes upgrading the insulation, repairing lead flashing to the chimneys and replacing the guttering and downpipes at the 1930s-built homes.

Godden Allen Lawn carried out the survey work for the renovations and will be overseeing the work itself, which is being done by main contractors Sprinks Construction.

The buildings are at the heart of a historic site with a number of listed buildings nearby, which means attention to detail is a critical factor. Godden Allen Lawn has carried out a number of projects at the school in the past and has earned a well-deserved reputation for its work in the education sector.

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