Preserving our history

While the Godden Allen Lawn Team has a great reputation for designing modern buildings like the Spitfire-inspired Wing at Capel-le-Ferne, we also know our stuff when it comes to looking after the local heritage.

As chartered surveyors, we are skilled at maintaining the fabric of old buildings, and our portfolio currently includes two of the oldest in the country.

We protect, preserve and advise the Trustees who are responsible for two Kent alsmhouses, St John’s Hospital in Northgate, Canterbury, which dates back to 1084, and St Nicholas’ Hospital in Harbledown.

As “surveyor to the fabric” it’s our job to keep these Ancient Monuments in good order, carrying out regular inspections and advising on maintenance and repair work.

Nigel Curtis, who leads the team on this project, also advises the Trustees on the best use of the modern commercial buildings they own and which help fund the upkeep of the almshouses.

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