New roof for historic chapel

Godden Allen Lawn has completed major repairs and improvements to the roof of the chapel at the historic Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Dover.

We have been responsible for maintaining the buildings at the school for a number of years, during which we have regularly dealt with leaks to the roof of the chapel.

As a result, the school asked Godden Allen Lawn to oversee the complete re-roofing of the building, which has now been completed.

We took the opportunity to improve on the waterproofing by designing new lead cappings for the building’s gable parapets, enhancing the ability of the parapet cappings to shed rainwater from the roof.

The roofing work, which featured handmade plain clay tiles, was carried out by DJ Gardiner Roofing on behalf of main contractor Charlier. At the same time the building was repointed and spalled bricks replaced.

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