Dietary shift good for local company

With veganism, and healthy eating in general, becoming increasingly popular, a leading Folkestone business is looking to expand its operation – and Godden Allen Lawn has been asked to support that expansion.

We’ve been asked to help Plamil Foods, the longest-running plant-based business in the UK, draw up plans that will give it the space it needs to cope with increasing demand.

The company, which makes vegan chocolate as well as a range of other plant-based products, supplies consumers, retailers, wholesalers and food catering and manufacturing businesses worldwide.

Managing director Adrian Ling, the self-styled ‘vegan Willy Wonka’, has asked Godden Allen Lawn to draw up a number of concept designs aimed at giving the company an extra 2,000 square metres of office and warehousing space on land next to its existing site at Bowles Well Gardens.

The company is designing options that will allow for a phased, flexible, two-storey development to support the growing company, which was set up in the 1960s to produce an alternative to dairy milk. Its first product, the original ‘soya milk’ was called Plant Milk, which inspired the ‘Plamil’ part of its current name.

Adrian Ling

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